Appeals against examination results can only be made against the process of the assessment or examination. If you would like to complain because you believe the service we have provided has been unacceptable, we would welcome the chance to investigate this.

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If you believe that a procedural and/or administrative irregularity may have occurred during your work-based assessment or OSCE, you may make an appeal. 

You can only make an appeal if you believe that there were procedural or administrative irregularities, or mistakes in the conduct of the examination or assessment, which cause reasonable doubt about whether the examiners or assessor would have reached the same conclusions had the irregularities not occurred. 

An appeal cannot be made against examiner judgment.

Appeals must be made within 28 days of the results date of the examination and can include supporting documentary evidence.

In the first instance, the appeal will be considered by the examinations panel. In some cases, the examinations panel will decide to refer a more complex appeal to the appeals panel.


The administrative fee for each appeal is £100. An appeal submitted against the decisions in two sections/stations or more, constitute separate appeals, and will incur additional charges. 

If the examinations panel or appeals panel upholds an appeal, the appeal fee will be returned to the Trainee.

Future examinations and appeals panel meeting dates.

To submit an appeal, fill in the form below. You will be required to submit any supporting evidence.



A complaint is not the same as an appeal and cannot affect your result. If the service we have provided has been unacceptable, however, we would welcome the chance to investigate and put it right.

Visit our complaints page for more details.


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