The College is committed to providing a high quality, professional service to everyone involved in the Scheme for Registration. In order to do this we need you to give us any feedback about our service, and to tell us when we get things wrong.

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Complaint or appeal?

Before continuing, please note that you should make an appeal if you are concerned that something in the administration or the running of an assessment (at a stage 1 or stage 2 visit) or an examination (OSCE) has had a negative impact on your performance. Find out details of how to appeal the result of your assessment or examination. Please note that appeals must be made within 28 days of the assessment taking place, and that, as per our regulations, appeals cannot be made against examiner or assessor judgment. 

A complaint is not the same as an appeal, and cannot affect the result of the assessment or examination. 

Supervision concerns

Whilst the College cannot get involved with issues between an employee and their employer, such as contractual disputes, if you feel that you are not being supervised in accordance with College guidelines and GOC standards, we may be able to offer you some support. 

You will need to give your supervisor or employer the opportunity to investigate and respond to your concerns first. That means that you need to approach your supervisor, practice manager or line manager initially. Depending on where you are undertaking your placement, you may also be able to contact your employer or pre-registration coordinator to discuss your concerns. 

Examples of how to approach this can be found in the Scheme for Registration Handbook (Section One – Addressing concerns). If you would like further advice or support on how best to talk to your supervisor or employer, or to clarify what you can expect from your supervisor, your Stage 1 assessor or the College’s Lead Assessor or Deputy Lead Assessor will be happy to talk with you. To contact the Lead or Deputy lead assessor, send an email to

Complaints procedure

We treat as a complaint any expression of dissatisfaction with the College of Optometrists’ handling of any part of the Scheme for Registration. We listen to your complaints, treat them seriously, and learn from them so that we can continuously improve our service. We want to help you resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.

A trainee or supervisor who wishes to make a complaint about any aspect of the workbased assessment must submit this in writing to the Lead Assessor within 28 days of the event. The Lead Assessor will investigate the complaint and respond to the complainant as soon as practicably possible. The Lead Assessor will have the right to contact the supervisor(s), assessor(s) and/or the store manager or director of the trainee’s work-based assessment placement in relation to the complaint. A complaint will not result in a reconsideration of the work-based Assessment result.

All other complaints should be made in writing and addressed to the Head of Assessment.

Please send your complaint via email to or to Education Team, The College of Optometrists, 42 Craven Street, London, WC2N 5NG.

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days. 
  • We will provide you with the name of someone at The College who will deal with your complaint, let you know how your complaint will be handled, and in what timeframe. 
  • Once we have acknowledged your complaint, we will aim to provide you with a full, helpful and honest response within 28 days. 
  • If you are unhappy with our response, we will let you know how you can take your complaint further.
  • If your complaint is urgent, or you would like to talk to someone before submitting a complaint in writing, then please call the Education department on 020 7766 4354 to discuss this in the first instance.


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