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How would you deal with a patient who does not want to be referred?

Should you see a patient who is a visitor to your town who is having a contact lens problem?

After examining her eyes you find that your patient's cataracts are getting worse. But she is happy with her current prescription. What do you prescribe?

A young patient's mother is insistent that he doesn't need spectacles but, in your opinion he should be wearing them. What should you do?

What should you do if your patient fails to attend a follow up appointment?

What would you do when asked to divulge information about a child patient?

What do you do if a patient returns to your practice with a condition you missed during your eye examination?

What would you do about a patient who doesn't want you to keep any record of their sight test?

Should you do a sight test to fill in a vocational form?

You get two patients' records with the same surname mixed up. What do you do?

You are concerned about another practitioner offering tests to predict patients more likely to develop dementia. What do you do?

Maajid is a locum who's taken on a new role at a practice where a vital piece of equipment is not working and will not be replaced for several months. What should he do?

You are asked to take home a box of clinical waste to dispose of at home. What should you do?

Your patient's cornea is slightly injured during a sight test. What should you do?