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Should you provide aftercare for a patient who has purchased his contact lenses online?

How would you deal with a patient with a red and watery eye?

When should you refer your patient?

Should you re-examine a patient you have recently referred if their symptoms worsen?

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An elderly patient misunderstands your advice and her worried sister has phoned you. Should you explain the situation to her?

Should you re-examine a HES patient who has broken her specs?

Should you give a contact lens prescription to a relative if the patient is unable to attend your practice?

What would you do when asked to divulge information about a child patient?

Do you retest a patient who comes in with an outside prescription and wants VDU specs?

What do you do if a contact lens patient refuses to follow your advice?

Non tolerance to an outside prescription. What would you do?

Dispensing of a complex prescription in your absence.

Can you write all your referral letters at the end of the day?

Can you insist that NHS patients pay for an OCT scan?


If a patient complains, can you refuse to examine them?

You 'like' a post on social media and one of your patients disagrees with your reaction. What should you do?

One of your patients requires an urgent referral, but decides he does not want to be referred for further investigation. What should you do?

You learn that your patient is in an abusive relationship, what should you do?

You are asked to take home a box of clinical waste to dispose of at home. What should you do?