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As the Welsh Optometric Committee (WOC) issues a “climate emergency” declaration, Kathy Oxtoby speaks to Tim Morgan MCOptom at Health Education and Improvement Wales on the implications for the profession.

Kathy Oxtoby looks at the benefits research brings for practitioners and patients and how to get involved.

Acuity spoke to College members Amy Hughes MCOptom and Ian Jarvis MCOptom about their experiences of research.

Routine pre-screening may stop serious diseases slipping through the net, writes Helen Gilbert.

29 March 2019, the day the UK leaves the European Union, is rapidly approaching. What will the ramifications of Brexit be for optometrists?

As the Brexit transition period comes to an end and trade talks reach a critical stage, we ask industry experts what leaving the EU means for the UK optometry sector.

Kathy Oxtoby reports on how practitioners can make the most of social media to develop their practice, what works well, and what to avoid.

The College’s Guidance for Professional Practice has recently undergone its scheduled three-year update. Daniel Hardiman McCartney FCOptom and Clinical Adviser for the College, says its timely revisions reflect a changing medical and social landscape.

The antimalarial drug may be a glimmer of hope as coronavirus takes hold across the world, if the threat of retinopathy can be managed.

As the pandemic continues to affect people’s lives across the UK, interest in a viable vaccine is growing. The College's Director of Research, Michael Bowen looks at what guidance optometrists can offer patients on potential COVID-19 vaccines.

Three optometrists – hospital-based, in the community and newly qualified – on how they have fought back against the pandemic over the past 12 months.

Léa Surugue looks at how to carry out effective virtual consultations in a time of social distancing and discusses the clinical and legal pitfalls.

Léa Surugue reports on the potential changes that will stem from the General Optical Council’s development of new outcomes, educational standards and quality assurance processes for pre-registration optometry education.

We asked five industry experts to round up the optical successes of 2018, and what they predict for the year ahead.

Staff benefits can help companies to attract talent and keep employees happy and motivated, writes Kathy Oxtoby. But – from dog-walking services to flexible working – what perks do employees prize the most?

In January 2022, the GOC will be introducing a continuing professional development scheme which will be replacing the existing CET system.

Read, download and print Acuity's infographic focusing on myopia prevalence and treatment.

College members identify the best uses of LinkedIn, the benefits it can bring, and their recommendations for making the most of this social networking site.

A scheme for schools to have extra pairs of spectacles to improve vision and academic achievement is now being extended to benefit thousands of children, reports Kathy Oxtoby.

Practice pressures are causing some practitioners to switch to a private model, reports Kathy Oxtoby.

Emma Bennett explores the link between a rise in screen time during the pandemic and increasing levels of myopia in children. 

A report on a survey carried out by the College and funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) indicates that optometrists have an important role to play in educating and informing older patients about their fitness to drive.

Many optometrists find examining children difficult, so we provide a helping hand.

With COVID-19 affecting so many areas of our lives, Helen Gilbert looks at the impact the pandemic is having on optometric and ophthalmological research.

It is rare for respiratory viruses to cause eye infections, writes Kim Thomas, but they may use the eye as a portal of entry. And what is the mechanism behind their travel to the respiratory system?

Publishing a case study to share what you have learnt can be a highly enjoyable and educational aspect of practice. In each print edition of Acuity, we publish a member case study, why not submit your own after reading these 10 tips?

Charles Bonnet syndrome is typically associated with elderly patients but new research shows children are not immune either. Helen Gilbert investigates.

Integrated care systems became legal entities in England in July 2022. Kathy Oxtoby looks at how these changes will affect the profession.

Kathy Oxtoby reports on how the introduction of tax law changes in the private sector will affect locums and employers.

Léa Surugue asks if men are being deterred from becoming optometrists or whether women simply find the profession’s increasingly flexible work patterns more amenable.

Optometrists are taking part in one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in decades, learning new skills, boosting their confidence and expanding the profession’s scope of practice. Radhika Holmström reports.

How much do we really know about the association between obesity and eye health? As obesity reaches pandemic levels, Kathy Oxtoby reviews the evidence.

Helen Gilbert describes the industry fine-tuning old areas of expertise and picking up new ones during the pandemic.

How volunteers at charity Vision Care for Homeless People are helping to meet the ocular needs of these forgotten members of society.

The College’s new Clinical Adviser explains how he hopes to bring a blend of clinical experience and research to this essential role.

In the lead up to National Eye Health Week 2019, we have created a short explainer video outlining what an optometrist does, and a colourful poster which shows which professionals a patient might encounter in an optometric practice. These resources are now available to access, use and share below.

The National Eye Health Week campaign has been running for more than 25 years, and takes place from 23 to 29 September this year. There’s never been a better time to engage with the opportunities it brings.

How do you incorporate occasional wear contact lenses into your everyday practice this summer? Kathy Oxtoby reports on how to introduce the concept to your patients, and the benefits this can bring for them and for your business.

As the General Optical Council (GOC) consults on updating its requirements and processes for optometry and dispensing optician pre-registration education, Helen Gilbert looks at the rationale for the move. 

The highlights from last weekend’s conference, including talks on OCT angiography and the future of glaucoma surgery.

Kathy Oxtoby looks at the role of the Physician Associate – and why one might be contacting an optometrist soon.

How optometrists can make efforts to minimise their plastic waste.

Kathy Oxtoby looks at what qualitative research adds to clinical evidence and how it provides human insights that can’t be measured in numbers.

Hone the overlooked skills that can improve your clinical confidence and make a real difference to the patient experience.

With the Paralympics underway in Tokyo, Kathy Oxtoby reports on how patients with low vision can enjoy exercise and sport, and the benefits that go beyond keeping limber.

Kathy Oxtoby considers the effects on the eye during space flight.

Professor Leon Davies FCOptom reveals the professional passion that has driven him throughout his career, and his ambitions as College President.

The second part of our article on building your brand using social media focuses on practical hints and tips to improve your engagement with patients.

What complications does undiagnosed diabetes cause, and what is the role of optometrists in detecting and preventing this condition? Kathy Oxtoby reports.

Does vitamin D play a role in reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection, and what does this mean to the UK’s BAME communities? Mike Bowen, Director of Research at the College of Optometrists, considers the evidence.

The first week of June was Volunteers’ Week, which ushers in the ‘#MonthOfCommunity’. Kathy Oxtoby reports on the personal and professional rewards that volunteering can bring.

Reflective practice is an integral of the General Optical Council’s (GOC) continuous professional development (CPD) requirements. What is it and how can you do it? Andy Miller, the College’s Head of Post Registration Education, is on hand to explain…

Read, download and print Acuity's hand-washing infographic.

The College’s Clinical Adviser, Daniel Hardiman-McCartney FCOptom discusses a common theme that comes up in many of the advice line enquiries; the very specific meaning of certain words and phrases.